I’m grateful to be able to share my “GratiTuesday” messages with you!


A Collection of Gratitude Reminders … (in text form)

Gratitude: a most reasonable response to the many gifts of life.

So, be a “gratitude detective.” Find the evidence.

Gratitude isn’t LIKE medicine. Gratitude IS medicine! Need some? Take some.

Tell the people you’re grateful for, that you are, and why.

Tell the people you love, that you love them, and why. Why wait?

Consider how different the world would be if your parents never met,

and be grateful that they did! (This can be endlessly extrapolated.)

Gratitude for the good stuff makes it easier to navigate the not-so-good stuff.

Sincere expressions of gratitude and appreciation can have powerful, and sometimes long-lasting effects on those who receive them. Of course, the giver benefits as well!

Gratitude: for fast, temporary relief from crabby moods.

Failing to express gratitude when it’s clearly appropriate, is a missed opportunity.

Emotions are contagious … so is gratitude.

Grateful for the kindness of family. Grateful for the kindness of friends.

Grateful for the kindness of strangers. Grateful for the kindness of anybody!

An intentional gratitude practice, like writing a daily gratitude journal,

doesn’t guarantee miracles … but can increase their likelihood!

Everyday tasks and chores can be converted into rituals of gratitude.

Want a short emotional vacation? Write down twenty ways that you’re fortunate.

Just being alive is sufficient cause for gratitude.

Gratitude will instantly improve your mood (that’s reason enough)!

Resolutions and “Focus Phrases” For a Stellar Year – 2011!

21 for 2011

By Jerry Posner

Resolutions and “Focus Phrases” For a Stellar Year!


1.      Anticipate life’s tests and the best ways to pass them.

2.      Compassion is always an option.

3.      Confidence just might stack the odds in my favor.

4.      Express curiosity instead of becoming defensive.

5.      Return all phone calls.  Yes, all of them.

6.      Make my mom proud.

7.      Say, “you’re welcome” instead of “no problem.”

8.      Am I worrying for nothing … again?

9.      Moment-to-moment appreciation and gratitude.

10.    Two great answers:  It depends.  You never know.

11.     Another great answer:  I don’t know, but I will find out.

12.    Think twice before broadcasting sarcasm.

13.    Every eye-roll and frown sends a message.

14.    Every smile sends a message, too.

15.    Look for the miracles in everyday life.

16.    Avoid superstitions … unless they work, of course!

17.    Synchronize communication codes.

18.    Ask myself, “what do I keep, what do I throw away?”

19.    Notice and thank the angels amongst us.

20.   Know what I want most, and act accordingly.

21.   Wisdom works better when applied daily.