Lecture Notes – Transformative Power of Daily Reminders


Notes, Suggestions and Ideas for Consideration    Presented by Jerry Posner

A reminder is useful only if it reminds you of something that you want to remember!

“Luck favors the prepared mind” — Louis Pasteur

What do you want to remind yourself to THINK … FEEL … BELIEVE … DO … and why?

In what areas of your life would positive changes be most welcome?  

Perhaps: creativity, productivity, relationships, health, finances, spirituality, stress-management

Consider these questions:

What is important, meaningful to you now?  What do you most want to change; improve; accomplish?

How would you most like to feel?  What ignites your passion?  What triggers your happiness and joy?

Know your B.S. (Belief System).  What do you believe … what do you WANT to believe … and why?

(At the very least, you must believe that the changes you seek are possible.)  

Make an honest list of your core beliefs.  Where did they originate?  School?  Science?  Mass media?

Note the beliefs that might need changing, and note beliefs that are the most helpful and empowering!

Remind yourself of your own core values/virtues — Make a list of them and review daily.  For example: honesty, loyalty, dependability, balance, compassion, empathy, kindness, generosity, humility, courage, gratitude, charity, love, faith, patience, humor, spirituality, service to others, ambition, optimism, fitness, joy. 

In a slump?  Make a list of your strengths and competencies.  Review regularly.  Edit and revise as you see fit. 

Compose appropriate “focus phrases” (sayings — proverbs — mottos — well-written affirmations) 

Write them … read them … record them … listen to them … think about them …. reflect on them.

Examples of different affirmation forms:

I can be kinder to myself, I deserve that.

You can be kinder to yourself, you deserve that.

We can be kinder to ourselves, we deserve that.

(Your name) can be kinder to him/herself.  (Your name) deserves that.

 Lists and Journals for:  Self-awareness.  Organization.  Productivity.  Therapy.  

  • To-Do List  • Inspiration List — Your Heroes, Champions, Role Models … Books, Movies, Art, Music, etc.
  • Gratitude Journal — “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.” – Joni Mitchell
  • “Miracle” Journal    “Synchronicity” Journal    “I need to remember” List

A KEY QUESTION: “What do I REALLY want to change, that I WILL change, to increase the likelihood of the outcomes I desire?”

Deliberate Practice – engages the cognitive brain. Seeks feedback for improvement. 


 “PRACTICE MAKES HABITS” — to create a new habit or ritual, link it to an existing one.

Be honest with yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Be self-compassionate. 


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