Three One-Minute Thanksgiving “Grati-Tools” For Home and Office

Three One-Minute Thanksgiving “Grati-Tools” For Home and Office

1 Everyone chooses one person (who’s not in the room) who made a significant positive difference in their life. Going around the room, each participant takes just one minute to talk about why they appreciate that person. What did that person do for them? Why are you grateful for that person?

2 How many specific reasons to feel grateful (people, circumstances, home, food, major appliances, ability to breathe, skills, senses that still work okay, etc.) can you name in just one minute? Go!

3 Take a one-minute “gratitude break” — close your eyes, focus and reflect on the privileges, conveniences, love, abundance, good fortune, etc., in your life. Feel the gratitude! Then, open your eyes, breathe … and smile!