Resolutions and “Focus Phrases” For a Stellar Year – 2011!

21 for 2011

By Jerry Posner

Resolutions and “Focus Phrases” For a Stellar Year!


1.      Anticipate life’s tests and the best ways to pass them.

2.      Compassion is always an option.

3.      Confidence just might stack the odds in my favor.

4.      Express curiosity instead of becoming defensive.

5.      Return all phone calls.  Yes, all of them.

6.      Make my mom proud.

7.      Say, “you’re welcome” instead of “no problem.”

8.      Am I worrying for nothing … again?

9.      Moment-to-moment appreciation and gratitude.

10.    Two great answers:  It depends.  You never know.

11.     Another great answer:  I don’t know, but I will find out.

12.    Think twice before broadcasting sarcasm.

13.    Every eye-roll and frown sends a message.

14.    Every smile sends a message, too.

15.    Look for the miracles in everyday life.

16.    Avoid superstitions … unless they work, of course!

17.    Synchronize communication codes.

18.    Ask myself, “what do I keep, what do I throw away?”

19.    Notice and thank the angels amongst us.

20.   Know what I want most, and act accordingly.

21.   Wisdom works better when applied daily.

Got Resolutions? 20 For 2010

20 FOR 2010

by Jerry Posner


Pick your favorite focus-phrases and review daily!


1.    notice what’s right in my world … and what needs fixing.

2.    approach great ideas as tools, not just fine notions.

3.    be here now. (Right place – right time – right mind)

4.    observe my belief systems.  Empowering or limiting?

5.    make a list of “what makes me happy.”  Read daily.

6.    make a list of “ways to make others happy.”  Read daily.

7.    be flexible … but keep the backbone.

8.    maximize kismet.

9.    ask myself “What really matters?” a few times daily.

10.  think of people who inspire bravery and greatness.

11.  awaken gratefully, hopefully, and delightedly.

12.  exercise the skills of being helpful.

13.  avoid grouchy posturing no matter what I’m thinking.

14.  reverse direction before “crossing the line.”

15.  remember: some miracles just take practice.

16.  feel love and gratitude – express love and gratitude.

17.  happily pay it forward.

18.  treasure each moment, including this one.

19.  use the word “impossible” with great caution.

20.  make my choices based on the outcomes I most desire

New Year’s Resolutions Nearing the Halfway Point

Jerry’s Annual Positive Resolutions for 2009
By Jerry D. Posner

New Year Resolutions for 2009.

To increase my positive opportunities, I RESOLVE TO:
1. choose my battles wisely
2. stop fretting and DO SOMETHING about it
3. help people stay positive by being positive
4. stay excited and passionate about my goals
5. express abundant appreciation and gratitude
6. use adversity as fuel for re-prioritizing
7. evaluate feedback without becoming defensive
8. make small and medium-sized miracles
9. recognize and abolish pessimism
10. stay strong and flexible, like the trees
11. improve emotional navigational skills
12. show up on time … at the very latest
13. face imaginary fears and tell them to take a hike
14. shop for great ideas, and write them down
15. add the personal touch
16. practice random and systematic acts of kindness
17. experience the ‘helpers high’ — service with a smile
18. refrain from ‘nickel and dime-ing’ the universe
19. have more fun – everyone will benefit
20. transmit love, receive love, be love in action

Simple reminders can have an amazing positive impact on thinking, feeling, behavior, day-to-day life, and of course, the future!

Use one or more of these focus phrases (or write your own), and see what positive results you’ll find!