My new book is published!

I am delighted that my new book, ETERNAL COSMIC WISDOM AT BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES is available on … and also available for the Kindle. Deep, lighthearted, profound and fun … all the the same time! But most of all – practical.

The book:

The Kindle version:



Lynne and I decided to go to MASS MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in North Adams as a part of our second wedding anniversary celebration.  We were going to go to the museum first thing in the morning, then have lunch as Jae’s Inn, also in North Adams, but we changed our minds and chose lunch first, museum later.

After lunch, I noticed a woman working at Jae’s who looked familiar.  Speaking with her, it turned out she was the daughter of an old friend of mine, who was also working there.  I hadn’t seen the daughter or her mom in 16 years or so, so we had a lovely chat. The mom, Patty Boynton, also figured into a recent chance conversation I had with the manager of the Holiday Inn, Salem, NH, Molly Mulholland.

Because I was staying in Molly’s hotel … because I was presenting a seminar for Margaritas Restaurant in the same building … because, because, because … I got into an extended conversation with Ms. Mulholland, and discovered she had lived in the Berkshires, and that we had a mind-boggling quantity of mutual friends, associates and colleagues – including Patty Boynton (whom, as mentioned, I hadn’t seen in about 16 years).

So, after that fun and unexpected reunion, Lynne and I headed to the museum.  While we were in line to pay for admission, a young couple were laughing because the guy’s wedding ring fell off of his finger, and rolled onto the floor.  The woman laughed and mentioned something about how funny this was, the ring falling off on this, their anniversary.  Yes, it was their second wedding anniversary also.

What are the odds of two couples celebrating their second wedding anniversaries on the exact same day, standing next to each other in line at Mass MOCA?

And, of course, we wouldn’t have known about their anniversary, if the guy’s ring didn’t fall off of his finger at that precise moment!

So, as in all “synchronicities” or “low probability meaningful events” there are many factors that conspire to create the result.  Right place at right time suggests every little decision, all delays, traffic flow, chance meetings, etc., can “create” or “put the kibosh” on any possible result.

Do you enjoy these “synchronicities” or “meaningful coincidences” in your life?  If so, keep a log or journal of them … you’ll probably “notice” or “create” many more of them!