by Jerry Posner

First, some questions to ask yourself:

In my life, how would I define “good luck” or “miracles?”

Do I believe in the possibility of those favorable outcomes?

What could I do that would increase the likelihood of the outcomes I most desire?

How much control or influence do I have, to skew the “odds” in my favor? 

Am I interested in creating trends … or specific outcomes … or both?


Write down goals and desired outcomes.  Review daily.  Edit as you see fit.

Consider the trajectory, causal factors, that resulted in already experienced miracles or “good luck.”

Be intentional with choices. Long term or short term outcomes?  Patience is often necessary.

(Every outcome results in more outcomes.  There is always “what will happen next?”)

Create as many positive relationships as possible.  Be kind, polite, generous, helpful, compassionate.

Self-identify as a “lucky” or “grateful” or “blessed” person.  See yourself as a “probability engineer.”

Be a very good listener.  Be open to new experiences.

Be present and aware of your surroundings.  Notice “chance” opportunities that often arise.

Placebos and “good luck charms” have been known to influence behavior, mindset and outcomes.

Self-fulfilling prophecies, based on belief, can influence actions.  Choose positive expectations.

Take advantage of “freerolls.”  “The key feature of a freeroll is limited downside, meaning there isn’t much to lose, but there might be a lot to gain.”  (Annie Duke)

Maybe you ARE the luckiest person in the room!

It’s good to have an open mind, but not SO open that your brains fall out!  Cultivate realistic optimism.

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12 For 2012 – Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year

12 For 2012 – Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year

by Jerry Posner


1.  Keep goals right up front.  Review daily.

2.  Appreciation, forgiveness, compassion: excellent options.

3.  Aim for no regrets.

4.  Increase awareness of stress triggers and disconnect ’em.

5.  Inspire yourself … inspire others.

6.  Inspire others … inspire yourself.

7.  Simple acts of kindness – superb cost/benefit ratio.

8.  Keep a “to-do” list and a “not-to-do” list.

9.  Great daily choices create great habits, that’s what we want.

10. Increase emotional intelligence.  Make a list of feelings you’d like to experience more frequently.  Put your attention on your list once a day.  Edit and revise as you see fit.

11. Express more love than in previous years.

12. Take a daily gratitude break.

13. Give your customer an unexpected little something extra!


Click on the link below to download the card.


My new book is published!

I am delighted that my new book, ETERNAL COSMIC WISDOM AT BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES is available on … and also available for the Kindle. Deep, lighthearted, profound and fun … all the the same time! But most of all – practical.

The book:

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Take Some Positive Action

The most practical and profound wisdom is often simple, obvious and readily available to us. Let’s recognize it, remember it, reinforce it … and take some positive action as a result of it!


Great ideas are cheap and plentiful.  We are exposed to them all the time.  Even the amazing, transformational right-on-target ones.  Why do we ignore them?  Forget them?  Take them for granted?

I don’t know those specific “whys” – they probably don’t even matter too much.

What I do know is this:  remembering and reinforcing the “great ideas” that inspire “enlightened actions” is one of the best “ideas!”

A Bit of Forgiveness

All-Purpose FORGIVENESS TOOLS by Jerry Posner

Forgiveness for my own worst mistakes,

forgiveness to the neighbor who forgets to return my rake.

Forgiveness for dads, moms, sisters. brothers,

forgiveness for bad bosses and stock market losses.

Forgiveness for my own human imperfections,

forgiveness for abandonments and rejections.

Who gets FORGIVEN?

Mama and Daddy-O.


Some enemies, too.

Loved ones who died.

The good people I’ve rejected.

Everyone else, if I want


Knuckleheads and Boopsies

Insecure Shrinking Violets and Insecure Control Freaks

The Sad Man

Offspring, Siblings, Queens and Kings

Drama Geeks and Icarus Wings

Lousy Bosses

The Wayward Humiliators

Bad Dancers

Flower Blooming Hippies


It transforms EVERY relationship!  That’s right!  Just one act of forgiveness sets the famed “butterfly effect” into motion, and ALL relationships are given a positive boost (sometimes small, sometimes huge) since YOU are also giving yourself the positive boost!

It makes you feel really great!

It is excellent karma.

It changes mental focus, putting things into a more workable perspective, and sometimes triggering fits of cosmic consciousness enlightenment along with uninhibited happy-dancing!

Just goes to show you just how much transformational power you really do have!


Thoughtfulness promotes love.

“Being the bigger person” promotes love.

Empathy, caring and compassion promote love.

Understanding, self and otherwise, promotes love.

Love promotes love.

Having fun, promotes love.

“Letting it go,” promotes love … and a feeling of healing.


1.  Get a little card and write, “I love and forgive  _________________.

Fill in the blank with the name of the person you’d most like to forgive.  Read the card three times daily.  FEEL the forgiveness as you read it.

2.  Think:  FIX, NOT FAULT.

3.  Go easy on the drama.

4.  Repeat this Stuart-Smalley-sounding mantra for five or ten minutes, two or three times daily:  I forgive myself.  My self forgives me.  I forgive others, and others forgive me.

Another one:  I am an electrode of love and forgiveness.

5.  Remember that I sometimes project the movie of my own nonsense on the movie screens of others, and that it might be a good idea to stop it.

6.  Pretend that you are truly and finally forgiven for your blunders, and that your job on Earth is to forgive everyone else for theirs.  This is just a “pretend” exercise, please don’t debate me on this one.  Thank you!

7.  Be at peace.  Relax.  Breathe.  Think positive thoughts.  Have an ice cream.  Lactose intolerant?  Have a cookie!



Lynne and I decided to go to MASS MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in North Adams as a part of our second wedding anniversary celebration.  We were going to go to the museum first thing in the morning, then have lunch as Jae’s Inn, also in North Adams, but we changed our minds and chose lunch first, museum later.

After lunch, I noticed a woman working at Jae’s who looked familiar.  Speaking with her, it turned out she was the daughter of an old friend of mine, who was also working there.  I hadn’t seen the daughter or her mom in 16 years or so, so we had a lovely chat. The mom, Patty Boynton, also figured into a recent chance conversation I had with the manager of the Holiday Inn, Salem, NH, Molly Mulholland.

Because I was staying in Molly’s hotel … because I was presenting a seminar for Margaritas Restaurant in the same building … because, because, because … I got into an extended conversation with Ms. Mulholland, and discovered she had lived in the Berkshires, and that we had a mind-boggling quantity of mutual friends, associates and colleagues – including Patty Boynton (whom, as mentioned, I hadn’t seen in about 16 years).

So, after that fun and unexpected reunion, Lynne and I headed to the museum.  While we were in line to pay for admission, a young couple were laughing because the guy’s wedding ring fell off of his finger, and rolled onto the floor.  The woman laughed and mentioned something about how funny this was, the ring falling off on this, their anniversary.  Yes, it was their second wedding anniversary also.

What are the odds of two couples celebrating their second wedding anniversaries on the exact same day, standing next to each other in line at Mass MOCA?

And, of course, we wouldn’t have known about their anniversary, if the guy’s ring didn’t fall off of his finger at that precise moment!

So, as in all “synchronicities” or “low probability meaningful events” there are many factors that conspire to create the result.  Right place at right time suggests every little decision, all delays, traffic flow, chance meetings, etc., can “create” or “put the kibosh” on any possible result.

Do you enjoy these “synchronicities” or “meaningful coincidences” in your life?  If so, keep a log or journal of them … you’ll probably “notice” or “create” many more of them!




More simple wisdom from Jerry Posner

If you’ve ever attended my workshops or talks, you’ve probably heard of “The Butterfly Effect” (By the way, I do not recommend the movie).

In short:  “The Butterfly Effect” refers to the notion that small, seemingly insignificant changes in one part of the world (the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil) can affect or influence conditions far away (tornado in Texas).  Or … as the cliché goes, little things can make a big difference!

If indeed, a butterfly flutter can set off a tsunami, then I’d like to know which butterfly, where and when?  And what happens if we capture that particular butterfly and bring it to the Bellagio in Vegas?  Will the entire universe be changed forever, as so many science fiction stories and films strongly suggest?

It does seem to me that, yes, every little teeny-tiny variable in choice, habit, and communication … has the potential to trigger destiny-shaping events.

Maybe not ALL of the time, but certainly MUCH of the time, we can choose between:

Bad moods / Good moods

Speaking with a kind tone / Speaking with a mean tone

Expressing hospitality without boundaries / Ignoring your guests

Gratitude / Pettiness

Every choice sets into motion some kind of cause/effect ripple.  How significant?  How life changing?  Only time will tell!  It’s much easier to look back in the past to see those patterns, than it is to accurately predict the final result of any action or choice in the present.

But we can certainly increase probabilities!

In business, for example – attentive, friendly, customer-centered service stacks the odds for some positive results.  This is obvious and cliché.

I was staying at the Holiday Inn in Concord, NH where I thought the treatment of their guest (me) was exemplary.  Soon after that, I stayed at another hotel where the service could have been much better.   I wrote an article about my experiences, posted it to my blog, and e-mailed it to clients and friends.  Here is an excerpt:

I checked in to the Holiday Inn, Concord NH, and was pleasantly greeted at the front desk, given a few amenities that come with my Priority Club membership (including two free snacks or beverages from the hotel store), and an envelope with my name on it.  I opened it and read a HANDWRITTEN note card welcoming me back, thanking me for my business, and reminding me that, if I had any problems or needs, to contact the manager on duty, and it was signed by her.  This impressed me.  So much so, that I’ve been reading it to my workshop and seminar attendees.

My wake-up call the next morning was made by a real person.  Pleasant voice, good tone, just right for 5:30 AM.  I liked that.  And, not only was the required USA Today at my door, but a local newspaper as well.  Nice touch.

These small things have increased my own loyalty, and helped to convert me from a satisfied customer into a raving fan and apostle.  I speak their praises in my speeches, blog about them, and mentioned them in my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn missives.

If you’d like to read the entire article, titled “A TALE OF TWO HOTELS” just scroll down.

So, some “hospitality without boundaries” from the Holiday Inn Concord NH staff “butterfly effected” some excellent positive publicity … which might earn them more guests, the praise of their parent company, and other goodies.

What can YOU do today that will “stack the odds” for some positive results for you and your company?  Identify some worthy behaviors and actions, and like the Nike ads suggest, JUST DO IT!