Practical Power of Gratitude – Lecture Notes (Revised 2019)

The Practical Power of Gratitude — presented by Jerry Posner

Notes and Ideas to Consider

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.”

Joni Mitchell

Intentional gratitude practices – “Grati-Tools” — Possible benefits:

* to experience more positive feelings, moods, and emotions associated with gratitude.

* to encourage sincere expressions of appreciation, thankfulness, acknowledgement.

* to gain new perspectives, biases/beliefs and habits that could catalyze improvements in many ways.

* to literally increase happiness, resilience, resourcefulness and well-being; short and long term.

Grati-Tool #1: Appreciating Those Who’ve Made a Difference In Your Life

List ten people (or animal companions) from your past or present, who have positively contributed to your life. Those who deserve thanks; who’ve helped or supported you: family, friends, colleagues, mentors, teachers, service providers, etc. Once a week, read your list and add ten more names.

Grati-Tool #2: 60 Seconds of Noticing WHAT’S GOOD!!! (“Stop and smell the roses!”)

Take a walk (slow or fast pace), and notice all the things that you could conceivably be grateful for.

Such as: life itself, pavement, electricity, trees, air, traffic lights, cars, sky, gravity, good shoes, things that work!

• Or … take a minute, wherever you are (sitting, dining, playing, shopping) and simply notice “what’s good!”

• Look at your surroundings and possessions as if for the very first time.

Or … pay attention to your breathing for one minute, while thinking: “I’m grateful I can breathe.”

Grati-Tool #3: Liberally & Sincerely EXPRESS Appreciation To Those Who Surely Deserve It

• Say “thank you!” “Thanks for helping!” “I appreciate what you did.” “Great job!”

• Tell the people you love, that you do. • Send thank-you notes. • Pay it forward!

Grati-Tool #4: Observe “Grati-Tuesdays”

Make Tuesday the day of the week when you particularly focus on gratitude practice(s).

Add gratitude to a meeting, family meal, phone call, visit. (Or celebrate“Thank You Thursdays!”)

Grati-Tool #5: Write a Gratitude Journal (Gratitude Diary, Gratitude List, Daily Gratitudes)

Regularly, write a daily list of five specific things — people, relationships, circumstances, feelings, abilities, talents, blessings, music, art, something that made you laugh, something that made you smile, something that warmed your heart, a great meal, etc., that you feel grateful for — reasons to feel happy, things you appreciate, people and things you’d miss if they were absent from your life.

Grati-Tool #6: Happy Birthday – Grateful For Another Year!

Make a gratitude list on your birthday, with one item for each year of your life.

Grati-Tool #7: 60 Second Gratitude Break

Close your eyes … relax … and for just one minute, focus your attention on a person, thing, circumstance, situation, accomplishment, talent, ability, etc. that you’re truly and deeply grateful for — something specific that makes you feel happy. If you can, imagine/visualize him … her … it.

Mentally offer a “thank you” or “I appreciate this.” When your mind wanders, just bring it back.

Or, invent your own “gratitude break!”

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