MY CANCER ADVENTURE – Episode Seven – “Countdown”

Episode Seven

One week to go, and I’m feeling fine about it. Not scared. Not worried. Not nervous.

Lynne and I did our research and we are well prepared. We are confident in our choice of treatment (prostatectomy), the hospital (Brigham and Women’s) and the surgeon (Dr. Jerome Richie).

The support from friends and colleagues is heartwarming. That’s an understatement. More like overwhelming. And SO much input from cancer survivors and their families. I have heard MANY stories of favorable outcomes, so I might as well expect a favorable outcome, too! That is certainly my choice, and my attitude.

The odds are clearly in my favor to be cancer-free and for a reasonably speedy recovery. Sure, I know there will be some short-term inconvenience (ha!) and I’m not happy about missing work … but I am SO grateful that we caught it early.

Again, I say to my brothers … get the PSA test!

Practicing a continual “attitude of gratitude” is just so practical. It helps with balance and perspective, and makes EVERYTHING better. Everything. Whether you’re going through some adversity … or business as usual … practice the practical power of gratitude! Feel it and express it.

At this time, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to my prostate for many years of excellent service! That goes for all my other organs as well. Thanks! I do appreciate your contributions! And to my wife (especially) … family … friends … colleagues … clients … our dogs … a great big THANK YOU! I am living in a bubble of appreciation!

And speaking of our canines … Last week Ruby was diagnosed with a malignant tumor near her tail. A strange coincidence to be sure! She had surgery, and thankfully, is doing great! A fine example and role model of resilience.

Life is good. We are fortunate!

Much love.


6 thoughts on “MY CANCER ADVENTURE – Episode Seven – “Countdown”

  1. Jerry, wishing you the best of everything! Successful surgery, very speedy recovery, minimal discomfort, and quick return to normal. Do tell your lovely wife (hi Lynne!) to call us if she needs anything. We’ll run right over! Hugs for you both, Sharon & Lee … and hugs for Ruby (and Max) too.

  2. Hi Jerry!

    I know you made the right decision! Jerry was one of the few students at Thomas Jefferson Junior HIgh who carried a briefcase. He was always prepared. I know he is prepared this time!

    Thinking of you!

    Danny L. Hardesty

  3. Wishing you and your family the best of luck as you move forward with the treatment and that it doesn’t ever come back.

    Janet Dery

  4. You’ll do great Jerry. My Uncle had same surgery 11 years ago at 53 and is doing great. Might I suggest a recliner for recovery. he slept in his the first two weeks. Also elastic waist pants. I look forward to reading about your uneventful surgery and seeing you next year at The Ranch! Sending you and Lynne oodles of support vibes!! Stay strong, grateful and funny, xo Jessica Anson

  5. Hi Jerry,

    I have known you and laughed with you for 22 years now and expect to be doing the same for at least another 22 years. Talk to you soon and Ruby,…….nice job!!

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