MY CANCER ADVENTURE Episode Four: The Waiting Game


Episode Four
The Waiting Game

We have our “second opinion” appointment scheduled at Dana-Farber for 6/28.
Interestingly, I have a history of dramatic life-changing events occurring
around this time of year, including the anniversary of my birth on 6/30.
Astrologers, take note.

Until then, there isn’t much else to do, other than research and reflection –
though, I am pretty much reaching my saturation point with the research. The
most probable outcome is surgery – the removal of my prostate, and the
non-pleasant “stuff” that goes with it. Nonetheless, the many prostate cancer
veterans who’ve spoken to me are reassuring. The consistent message I get is
“it will be OK.” I’m going with that.

Supportive friends and family are terrific! My wife, my partner in everything,
is the best! I repeat: when going though a challenging time, let your friends
and loved ones help you. Having a daily focus on gratitude is also very, very

I notice that I am experiencing a more “being in the moment” consciousness than
usual. For example, the ongoing chore of skimming duckweed from the surface of
our pond is an enjoyable meditation – it wasn’t always that way.

My intention is that this experience deepens me, increases my compassion.
Perhaps giving me a better and more realistic perspective on life, a newer sense
of “what’s really important to me now.”

Much love.


5 thoughts on “MY CANCER ADVENTURE Episode Four: The Waiting Game

  1. Dearest Jerry,
    Throughout my journey with Stephen’s cancer I found that “everything is all right now” was one of my more comforting mantras. Definitely kept me more in the moment and out of anticipation, concern–all those unhelpful “future” orientations.
    Holding you in love and light, Cheryl

  2. I’m with you Jerry. I live in hope and fear everyday and endeavor to stay positive.
    I know that things can change at any moment and that they can almost always be a lot
    worse just when you think they are bad.

  3. As canyon ranch says “Be here now”you of all people have shown so many of us what that really means-may it help you and Lynne through these tough days!much love always

  4. My thoughts are with you my friend. I’m glad to be in the loop having been away on vacation when this news first broke. You’re also motivating me to get a check up sooner rather than later. Positive vibes and prayers are heading your way.

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