MY CANCER ADVENTURE – Episode Three – “Don’t It Always Seem To Go …”


Episode Three
Don’t It Always Seem To Go …

Joni Mitchell wrote, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what
you’ve got ’till its gone …” Ain’t that the truth!

I mean, how often do you appreciate your glands? Thank your organs? Express
gratitude for your eyeballs?

The prostate cancer research continues. Getting “the second opinion” is the
priority. I don’t think we can make too many assumptions until then.

Thanks to my sister and her network of friends, we have a personal
recommendation of a specialist at Dana-Farber in Boston. Lynne was making the
arrangements via cell phone as we visited my parents in NJ yesterday. It was
somewhat surreal to be with my parents in the living room, waiting for the right
moment to break the news, as Lynne was in the bedroom working out logistics with
Dana-Farber. Both the visit with my parents and the scheduling of appointments
went smoother than expected.

It has become so very clear to me that my care and outcome depends on so many
people – some of them I know, most of them I don’t. That’s why research and
personal recommendations are so crucial, as we determine to the best of our
abilities … who to trust.

Much love