MY CANCER ADVENTURE – Episode Two – “Tell Them”


Tell Them

I am lucky.

I was diagnosed last Friday. I began this blog yesterday. The outpouring of
support and advice has been so heartwarming, that much of the sting and initial
shock has been greatly softened.

A husband of a business friend who navigated prostate cancer was extremely
generous sharing his research and experience, as was a friend and neighbor who
also went through it. Later today, I’ll be speaking to an old high school buddy
who grew up to be a respected doctor. So, yeah, I’m getting some good input.

My insurance provider, Fallon, has a “Peace of Mind” program that would involve
my getting a second opinion from a specialist in Boston. I was also happy to
hear that Dana-Farber, Mass General and other top institutions are in their

The obvious lesson is: when facing a challenging situation, don’t keep it a
secret. Tell your friends and allies.

This is “Grati-Tuesday” — the day of the week to especially focus on gratitude.
Feeling it. Expressing it. Perhaps doing a little gratitude journaling or
meditation (“Gratitude Break”).

I am grateful that I have no symptoms, early diagnosis, lots of support, some
terrific jobs booked for June, and most of all, a smart and loving wife.

Love to you all.

15 thoughts on “MY CANCER ADVENTURE – Episode Two – “Tell Them”

  1. Jerry,

    Over 35 years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. All these years later, I am still alive and kicking with NO recurrence or problems since then. I always share this with those who are diagnosed with any form of cancer so you know I am LIVING proof, it can be beaten.

    I have had several friends and a close relative who had prostate cancer. Differing ages, different treatments but with one thing in common, they all came through as SURVIVORS.

    I firnly believe one of the reasons I am alive today is that I NEVER doubted I would make it. I kept telling the doc, “Let’s get going, I have to get back to work!”.

    You live a daily live of positive attitude and I know that will be a huge factor in getting you through.

    Good luck and my prayers are with you.


  2. I will send only the most positive message out there to the universe for you but I know that you will choose the best course for you, listening to the doctors recommendations and the words of wisdom from friends who have gone through the same thing. I am so glad that you have no symptoms and caught it early. You WILL be fine and from this you will be even stronger than you are now. I’ll follow your blog and will continue to send out good vibrations…yes, that was ON PURPOSE! Love, Deb

  3. Grati Tuesday!!!! I am grateful to have those Tues reminders from my old friend Jerry!!! Thankful for Facebook for a re-connection. Thanks Jerry for all you do (especially on Tuesday) and know that I will continue to thank you and keep you in my prayers.

  4. Hi Jerry!
    I called you and was impressed by your answering your own phone. It was about a month ago so you may have forgotten. I’ve forgotten one minute ago so, there yar! I kicked cancer’s ass as well, when I was given an unacceptable (as far as I was concerned) prognosis. I had a child to raise and family and friends’ support unlike anything I have ever imagined.It sounds as if you have the same system going on with your wife and family. So good! After butting heads, my Dr. and I bonded because she agreed to do it my way. I couldn’t have done it without her and it was so wonderful to have a Dr. who respected my right to my own decisions. She also came around to my gearing toward the least invasive and/or a VERY life supporting diet which included my mom’s brisket. I Don’t usually eat meat! I did have surgery(that’s where the Dr. helped) but everything else in my process was gentle and healing. My part required expertise in the No muss and the no fuss. It’s simple! You just list EVERYTHING that your Grandmothers and Mother ever told you and just do it! See! Easy! Be well and know that I’ll keep you in my prayers and if you or Lynne have any ?’s at all, let me know and I’ll send my private email or phone#. I’m an herbalist (as well as special ed teacher) and have some beautifully researched herbs I could tell you about , no matter what path you’re taking in your healing process. I am VERY cautious and take my herbs seriously. Also, Common Sense has become my bff.

  5. Jerry, just jumped on FB for the first time in a while and saw about your diagnosis. I’m sorry to hear about it but know, as does everyone else, that if anybody can make it through this in the best, most positive, most miraculous way it’s you. Just remember what you did with your shoulder problem! But also know that if someday the whole positive thing gets a little too heavy, even for a brief period (you are human, after all) that there are literally hundreds of us out here who can help you and Lynne carry the load until you get back on track. Best best best wishes for you both. Love, Sharon

  6. Almost two year prostate cancer survivor. Latest PSA showed no detectable cancer. Feeling well, working out weekly, and no severe side effects at this point. You are in my prayers.

  7. Blessings, Jerry, from your head to your toes! If you get back what you put out, you should be just fine! In fact, maybe even better! lots of love, Christina and Frank

  8. Jerry –
    You’ve been deeply committed to positive thinking for as long as we’ve known you (close to 20 years). With that, and with the support of people who love you, you’re better-equipped for this adventure than anyone. We know you’ll soon be joining Harry Belafonte, Nelson Mandela, Roger Moore, Desmond Tutu and Norman Schwartzkopf (pretty good company!) as a man who once had prostate cancer and is now cancer-free. We love you!
    Gloria and Tom

  9. You have my prayers for a swift recovery. I have many patients who have come through this and are thriving many years later. I am glad you are doing your research, there are many options available. (I am now doing primary care as a NP at the VA Med Center in DC.) Blessings Susanne

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