Customer Loyalty Workshop with Jerry Posner in Hudson, NY 10/20/11

Customer Loyalty Workshop with Jerry Posner – October 20, 2011

Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, Hudson, NY


A “positive, practical, painless” workshop given by training specialist, author and motivational speaker, Jerry Posner is coming to the Chamber.  Jerry presents regularly at Canyon Ranch and works with clients across the Country.  This workshop provides a “customer service tune-up” and valuable reminders for a competitive edge in all sectors of the business community.  Workshop is Thursday, October 20 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Chamber Office.  The cost is $59 for Chamber Members and $89 for non-members.  Seating is limited to 24 people.  Please contact the Chamber at (518) 828-4417 or for more information or to make reservations.

Without loyal customers, fans, and allies, we could be out of business!  Or at least, we’d need to spend a lot more time, money and effort to promote, market and advertise our business — which, if we’re not making positive emotional connections with our customers, might be wasted effort anyway!

Unless you hate your job and you’re inclined to pessimism … you’ll enjoy this workshop!  You’ll get some proven, practical ideas that you can use right away to provide “absolutely outrageous customer service” and exceed your customers’ expectations.  You’ll also learn some easy-to-apply techniques to help you successfully manage moods and stress, as you serve your customers, clients and community.

Topics Include:

•   Ways to create positive emotional connections and nurture a loyal fan base

•   The Butterfly Effect – one customer can make all the difference!

•   Practicing the Practical Power of Appreciation

•   You’re not an order taker … you’re an experience maker!

•   Evaluating feedback without becoming defensive.

•   Staying in touch – notes, phone calls, social networking.

•   Cliché as it is, kindness is still the key!

•   Providing the unexpected delight.

•   Setting and keeping realistic goals for improvement.


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