We are fortunate.

We are very fortunate. Fortunate indeed.

Some might even say that we’re “lucky.” Stop and think … what are the many ways that this is true? It’s helpful to jot some of them down. This could impact our mood in a positive way, thus AFFECTING OUR FUTURE!!!

Far fetched? I don’t think so.


2011 – Your Best Year Ever? A suggestion.

To increase the likelihood of 2011 being your best year ever, here’s a suggestion:  Make two lists:  1.  “What I really, really want in my life.”  2.  “What I really, really don’t want in my life.”  (Materially, financially, spiritually, emotionally, work related, relationship and family related, etc.)  Read daily.  Edit as necessary, and remember to ask yourself, “why?”  Then, do the necessary work – inner and outer.