More Happiness?

Can you really raise your “happiness set point” by as much as 25-30% simply by writing down “five good things” in your life (i.e. The Gratitude Journal) daily? I don’t care what “research strongly suggests” — I want to know if it works for you!

One thought on “More Happiness?

  1. My sister and I saw you speak @ Canyon Ranch in 2007 and I have been keeping a daily gratitude journal, for the most part, ever since.

    I have noticed a change in what I’m thankful for (e.g., from materialistic to feeling @ peace). I’m not sure if I’m happier, but it’s definitely helped me not fall into the pity well of life (been unemployed since May 2008 and interviews have been frustrating). The gratitude journal makes me pause and take stock of what I DO have and focus less on what I DON’T have.

    For this reason, I recommend others to keep one. It is proving to be a great and easy way for me to shift my prospective on life.

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