Daily Awareness Exercise – A Way To Upgrade Brain Software

Daily Awareness Exercise – A Way To Upgrade Brain Software  by Jerry D. Posner

There are only six simple steps … try it daily for 21 days.

If you’d like to tweak a few habitual thought patterns … and upgrade the brain software, then this is for you!

Read these cliche-like reminders (“focus phrases”) and ponder them for a minute or two … but do it daily for 21 days.

As you play with this process, keep a pad or journal handy, and jot down any revelations, great ideas, or your own cliche-like “focus phrases” that come to mind.

THE DAILY AWARENESS EXERCISERead and ponder the following six phrases:

1. There are ways that I can remember and practice points-of-view, behaviors, beliefs and actions that give optimal results, especially when I know what results I’m seeking.

2. I can evaluate my own beliefs and habits with compassion and a cool head.

3. I can make changes as necessary, especially when my desire is clear and strong.

4. I see the wisdom in liberally expressing gratitude and appreciation.

5. It is possible for me to evaluate feedback without becoming defensive.

6. I can have some fun every day; it will probably make me less annoying.

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