Intentional Gratitude Practices – Thanksgiving 2014

Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude

Thanksgiving, 2014

Intentional gratitude practices – “Grati-Tools”
* to experience more of the positive feelings, moods, emotions associated with gratitude.
* to encourage sincere expressions of gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness.
* to gain new perspectives that could create or catalyze improvements in multiple areas of life.
* to literally increase happiness and well-being; short and long term.

Grati-Tool #1:  Gratitude For Those Who Touched My Life
List ten people (or animal companions) from your past or present, who have positively contributed to your life. Those you love, who’ve helped you in some way, mentors, teachers … those who deserve your thanks and appreciation. Once a week, read your list and add ten more names.  Think about what you would write to them in a thank-you note.  And, maybe … write that note!

Grati-Tool #2:  The Gratitude Walk
Take a walk (short or long), and notice all the things that you could conceivably be grateful for.
Such as:  life itself, pavement, electricity, trees, traffic lights, cars, sky, eyesight … the things that work.

Consider how your life, and everything in it, might be seen as gifts.

Grati-Tool #3:  Liberally and Sincerely EXPRESS Appreciation To Those Who Surely Deserve It
•  Say “thank you,” “I appreciate you and what you did,” “good job!” … etc.
•  Tell the people you love that you love them.
•  Send thank-you notes.  •  Pay a gratitude visit.

Grati-Tool #4:  Observe “Grati-Tuesdays”
Just for fun, make Tuesday the day of the week when you particularly focus on gratitude practice(s).

Or … “Thank You Thursdays” — the day you especially express gratitude to others.

Grati-Tool #5:  The Gratitude Journal (a.k.a. “Gratitude Diary” … “Gratitude List”)
Once a day, or even once a week, write down things, people, relationships, circumstances, feelings, abilities, talents, blessings, etc. that you feel grateful for. Three, four, five or more.  Be specific.

Even better: also write why!

Grati-Tool #6:  Happy Birthday – Grateful For Another Year!
Make a gratitude list on your birthday, with one item for each year of your life.

Grati-Tool #7:  Take a Gratitude Break
Close your eyes … relax … and for one minute, focus your attention on a person, thing, circumstance, situation, accomplishment, talent, ability, etc. that you’re truly and deeply grateful for.  If you can, imagine/visualize him … her … it.  If your mind wanders, just bring it back. FEEL the gratitude and happiness as you focus your attention.  Making a mental movie, or creating a mental collage – also fine!  Do it once a day, or when you feel stressed or petty!

©2014 Jerry D. Posner  •  •

You can’t lose … with gratitude!

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14 For 2014 — Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year

14 For 2014 — Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year

By Jerry Posner

1. Consider the possibility that nothing is insignificant.

2. A little thanks and appreciation can go a long, long way.

3. Teach people how to love … by example.

4. Count your blessings and write ‘em down, a few every day.

5. Do something today that your future-self will thank you for.

6. Know your biases. Dump the crappy ones!

7. Allow for unplanned miracles.

8. Tell at least one person a day, “I love you and I’m glad you’re here.”

9. Good deeds make magic.

10. The best apologies contain no excuses.

11. We owe our existence to the kindness of strangers … and parents.

12. Taking things for granted is the opposite of gratitude — so don’t!

13. Where am I now? Where am I headed? Is a course-correction necessary?

14. Do what makes you feel proud.


And here’s a link to the card:!/photo.php?fbid=10202189414450455&set=a.1330580918226.45262.1642090676&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_comment

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* Think … before you stress
* Small “wins” and rewards can have large impact
* Increasing emotional intelligence
* Making habits … breaking habits
* Taking the path of least resistance

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Gratitude Breathing

Breathe in gratitude … breathe out gratitude. Repeat …

13 for 2013 – Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year

13 For 2013 — Daily Reminders for a Stellar Year
By Jerry Posner

1. Walk, don’t jump to conclusions.

2. Feeling stressed? Take a “gratitude break.”

3. “Mind the gap” – increase awareness of the space between stimulus and response – and CHOOSE your responses.

4. Banish old negative, stupid biases. Nurture groovy ones!

5. Generate positive, constructive self-fulfilling prophesies.

6. Avoid assumptions – ask good questions … listen carefully.

7. Be thankful for the millions and millions of people who do their jobs so we can do ours.

8. Great to count blessings, even better to write them down.

9. Brightening someone’s day will brighten yours as well.

10. Practice doesn’t make perfect … practice makes habits.

11. Demonstrate and feel love instead of just talking about it.

12. Plant seeds every day. Keep planting. They will eventually sprout. Water them with intention and attention.

13. Skate to where the puck is going, not where it’s at. (Gretzky)


Here a link to the card:!/photo.php?fbid=4746720879590&set=pb.1642090676.-2207520000.1357148946&type=3&theater

“Since there’s always a choice … choose wisely!”


Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude

Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude
By Jerry Posner

Thanksgiving, 2012

Happiness, well-being, resilience, and positive states of brain functioning have been strongly linked to the feelings and expression of gratitude.  I don’t think we need too much research here – seems like obvious common sense to me.

But “common sense” without practice isn’t very practical … or powerful!

“Practicing” strongly suggests “doing something” – not just once or twice, but repeatedly.  Eventually making skills or habits — habits of behavior, habits of thinking, habits of feeling, interpretation, perception, etc.

You’ve heard the cliché “practice makes perfect.”  Well, practice doesn’t make perfect … practice makes habits!  Repeatedly practice something the “wrong” way, and you get very good at doing something wrong!  For example, you might know some folks who are absolute masters of negative thinking … self-pity … self-sabotage …

So, with regard to gratitude, what to practice?

1.    FEELING GRATEFUL for the good things, the love, the laughs, the lessons, the people, the opportunities, the help, the stuff, the miracles, the food, the music, the technology, etc.
2.   EXPRESSING GRATITUDE for the good things, the love, the laughs, the lessons, the people, the opportunities, the help,   the stuff, the miracles, the food, the music, the technology, etc.

How do you FEEL when you feel grateful?
Happy? Peaceful? Blessed? Centered? Generous? Secure? Calm?

Thinking and expressing thankful thoughts, and amplifying feelings of gratitude, can reduce stress … improve relationships … and minimize pettiness!  Beginning a dinner or business meeting by going around the table and having everyone mention something they’re grateful for or happy about, can have significant positive impact.

You just can’t lose with gratitude!

Sincerely thank your customers, coworkers, friends, and family. Thank your vendors, suppliers, supporters and fans! Be generous with your gratitude.  Do it today.  Do it all year round!

Write yourself some gratitude-oriented “focus phrases” (reminders) on cards and sticky-notes, and put them where you’ll see them every day.  We NEED reminders!  We’re human.  We forget!  We get distracted!

For example:

Here’s an interesting and potentially enlightening “grati-tool” –- make a list of 10 people who have helped you get to where you are right now — 10 people you’re grateful for.  10 people who helped you succeed, taught you important lessons, loved you.  We might be reminded of that kind childhood neighbor, or high school guidance counselor whose caring changed the course of our life.

When we remember how kind and generous people have been in our lives, we might be inspired to pass it on, or “pay it forward.”  We might even reclaim some positive memories of our personal history that we’d forgotten.  And … it just might make us feel happier!

Revisit your list from time to time (weekly, perhaps), and keep adding to it.

So, thank the people! Show some appreciation for them. Send thank-you notes. Tell the people you love, that you love them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Another way to practice the practical power of gratitude is a one-minute stress-buster — THE GRATITUDE BREAK. First, select something specific about your life that you are truly, deeply thankful for (person, condition, or thing). Something or someone who you feel genuinely happy about. Then … close your eyes (not while you’re driving, please) and spend just one minute thinking about, and vividly imagining (if you can), that person, condition or thing. FEEL the gratitude and happiness as you visualize!

When your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to the gratitude-trigger.  You might enjoy making a mental collage or movie of several gratitude-triggers at once. For example, I might visualize my wife … holding an iPad in one hand … petting the dogs with the other hand … while ukuleles orbit the whole scene — all things that make me smile and that I’m grateful for!

Try a gratitude break once a day, and see what happens! Twice a day would be a worthy experiment.

A favorite “grati-tool” that gets a huge amount of press is THE GRATITUDE JOURNAL (a.k.a. “Gratitude Diary” or “Five Good Things”). Here’s what to do: every day (or most days), write down five things you are grateful for. They can be deep … shallow … serious … funny … spiritual … material. Just list five things you’re sincerely grateful for on paper or computer. Not in your head. Write them down or type them in.

Your mileage may vary!  People who write a daily gratitude journal often report improved relationships, less stress, more patience, better decision-making, feeling more secure … and more happiness!  Some studies suggest that even a weekly visit with the Gratitude Journal can yield positive results.

During challenging times, regular focus on gratitude can restore much-needed balance. Not to deny that there might be some adversity or challenges, but to remember that there are wonderful things and opportunities available as well.

Practice the practical power of gratitude, and make every day, a day of thanks-giving.
So many benefits … so small a cost!


Practicing the Practical Power of Gratitude and Practicing the Practical Power of Appreciation are positive programs presented by Jerry Posner for businesses, organizations, conferences and groups.  For booking information, e-mail


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